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Meet Zing.

World’s Smartest Night Light


Add safety and smarts to any room in your house

With features like path prediction and scheduling, Zing lights can make your house smarter and safer, all while blending into the background. Zing lights just work. No need to bumble around with accounts or a 25-step setup. Zings should be there when you need them and invisible when you don't. We know, we know, “Why does everything need to be smart all of the sudden?”

Visual Indicators

Visual Indicators

Zing pairs with your phone to act as a visual indicator for incoming calls, text messages and many other smartphone events. We're sorry but this eliminates your "I didn't hear my phone" excuse

Path Predicition


A pack of Zings will automatically learn and predict your entire path at night. Your midnight refrigerator run, your kid's trip to the bathroom, etc. Every Zing along your anticipated route will light up with a soft glow as soon as the first movement is detected.

Lights in multiple rooms

Motion History

Curious about motion in your house? Use the companion app to check if and when your kids got up in the middle of the night.

Light Scheduling


You can customize your nightlight to operate any way you want, at any time of the day you want, for however long you want. Whether it’s evening mood lighting or a morning effect for your kids, schedules can do it.


Of course there's an app.

Mobile Apps

There's always an app.